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Jeanne Negrelli
& family

Jeanne worked as a postpartum doula for 8 years with Sanctuary Doulas. Additionally, she is a certified lactation counselor (CLC).   As a mother to four adult children and grandmother to two (and hoping for more!) , Jeanne understands the importance of doula care for all.  

Jackie Antoine 
& family

Jackie is retired from Boulder County where she worked in many facets of Child Protection for 30 years. Afterwards, she followed her dream of becoming a postpartum doula, worked with Sanctuary Doulas for 3 years and is now on the board of the organization she is so passionate about. Jackie has been married to George for 35 years and has 2 adult children. 


Michele is passionate about improving maternity and newborn care – one pregnancy, one birth and one new family at a time. She brings over three decades of experience as a maternal and infant health champion in pre- and perinatal massage therapy, birth and postpartum doula care, family-centered interdisciplinary health care teamwork. Michele is the owner of Sanctuary Healing Arts and the co-author of Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, 3rd edition  She loves gardening, hiking, surfing, bluegrass music and basketball with family and friends.

Jackie Antoine
Michele Holland
& family
If you are interested to join The Abundance Project Advisory Board, please contact us.

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about Sanctuary Doulas

If you are interested to learn about open positions on The Abundance Project Board, please contact us.
Sanctuary Doulas

Sanctuary Doulas is an interdisciplinary team of compassionate, maternal health professionals supporting growing families throughout the childbearing years. Our team is made up of birth and postpartum doulas, overnight doulas, lactation consultants, massage therapists, psychotherapists, family chefs, nutritionists, and herbalists, all of whom are honored to play an integrative role in supporting families during this special season of life. We know factors of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, culture and privilege can all impact this delicate season in monumental ways. We understand these factors often compound on each other, leaving families unable to access support that could be extremely beneficial as they step into this new chapter of their lives. Our care is rooted in providing evidence-based, professional care to ALL families and it is our privilege to partner with our sister organization, The Abundance Project, to carry out its mission by providing care funded by The Abundance Project scholarships. The team is led by Ali Batwin and Jess Hanlin, two women passionate about this work and expanding offerings in the most impactful and meaningful ways possible for families across their community and beyond. You can find more information about Sanctuary Doulas here or by calling or texting (720) 828-2802.

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